Failing in DH-teaching
a three-step
how-to guide

Frédéric Clavert / 9 December 2021


I. Getting inspired from a successful teaching

Digital History Introduction

  • 10 students
  • non-mandatory teaching
  • a full year
  • focused on digital history
  • project-based
    • any subject from the XIXth or XXth centuries

II. Ignoring contexts

Master courses at the University of Luxembourg 2017-2018

  • Inspired by the Lausanne's success


  • Could not choose the teaching's subject (Common Market History, 1958-1992)
  • Only one semester

Adapting to the new context

  • Some adjustment to make it into one semester
  • Trying to build on the DH Winter School

Nice try

  • The Master course at was mandatory
    • Students were not here to learn Digital History
  • Technical know how
    • University of Lausanne and EPFL are on the same campus, with many links between students associations.
    • University of Luxembourg: few links between our students and computing students

Bad evaluation of the's context

III. Being full of illusions

  • Did not understand what the students learnt during the Winter School
  • Did not know enough my students

Failing in DH-teaching

By Frédéric Clavert

Failing in DH-teaching

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