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What I'm excited about

  • Improve communication skills

  • Promotion Opportunities

  • Scholarship

  • Networking

  • Top 50 Reps in the Summer
  • Top 25 Reps in Fall/Spring
  • Company will match 30-50% (extra depending on spot)

Wall Of F(L)ame

Most recomendations record: Joey Katz (20)

Madison Tobar

Charmaine Robinson

Rifka Jaffe

Ashley Masi

JoAnn Masi

Rebecca Sanderson

Jonathan Schwartz

Mark Leinwohl

Robyn Black

Corrine Pascariu

Dara Genesi

Sandra Davidoff

Vanessa Schulz

Mary O'Hara

Alec Cohen

Renee Mann

Erica Lorenzo

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Joseph Spierer

Amalia Herman

Christina Camp

Mary Smink


What To Expect

  1. Competitive Cutlery

  2. About Cutco

  3. Quick Video

  4. Product Line

  5. Prices & Specials

  6. Presentation Verification Form

Common Complaints

Low Quality Knives:

  • Average knife set: $150 for set

  • Replaced every 2 yrs for 40 yrs: 20 replacements = $3,000 on Junk knives

    Unsanitary, unsafe, and un-enjoyable!

Common High Quality Knives:

  • Need to Sharpen regularly

  •  Hand wash—Not dishwasher safe

  • Replace every 7-10 years

Quick Highlight: Our Handle

  • Designed By Dr. Thomas Lamb
    • Same Gentleman Who Designed Seats in Porsches
  • Fits Small Hands, Big Hands, Righties & Lefties
  • Reduces hand fatigue and cramping
  • Only handle backed by American Arthritis Foundation
  • Same material as bowling balls and professional football helmets
  • Rivets that hold handle together are the same rivets used to hold together a jet engine



Cutco Individual Pieces

Special #1

Special #2

Special #3

Special #4

Pick 5 knives, and get the Super Shears or 4 Table Knives FREE!

Pick 4 pieces, get the 5th piece and a tray for FREE!

Buy 3 pieces, Get 1 piece FREE!

Pick any 2 knives totaling over $100 and get the ice cream scoop or peeler FREE!

 Cutco Flatware!

12  5-piece stainless place settings with Free Storage Chest

Normally, it's $2,172


Actually just $1459+tax


Today, it's only $294 on the 5-pay


Buy-Now Special: Get our 3-pc stainless hostess set OR 3-pc stainless serving set FREE

CUTCO Cookware!

Cooks faster --- Non-stick stainless steel --- American Made

Forever Guaranteed --- Dishwasher Safe


Which option do you like the best?

Complete Cookware Set : only $567 on the 5-pay

Family Cookware Set : only $421 on the 5-pay

Basic Cookware Set :  only $273 on the 5-pay

Complete Cookware Set

Family Cookware Set

Basic Cookware Set

Copy of Zach Leinwohl

By Jaden DeMario

Copy of Zach Leinwohl

People would rather the right info than a fancy sales person. Take advantage of the notes.

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