Content Fetch API

Using Agility as a Headless CMS

What is it?

  • A REST API for all your Pages and Content
  • Hosted and maintained by Agility CMS
  • API is behind a CDN and can support millions of requests
  • All SDKs are open-source via GitHub


  • Freedom - You can use any programming language or framework to get content from Agility CMS

  • It's fast! - API requests never hit your content database, won't affect your CMS users, and can handle millions of requests - even in preview mode!

  • More stable - API requests are handled by a global CDN using Stackpath


  • Write less, and better performant code - this API will auto-resolve linked content dependencies so you don't have to make multiple API calls to get/sort the content you need

  • It's flexible - Just want to use Shared Content to manage structured content? Sure, go ahead. Want a more dynamic approach using Pages? You can do that too.

  • Reduced complexity - You don't need to be a full-stack developer to integrate with our CMS.

Use Cases

  • Prefer a Headless CMS architecture

  • Multiple platforms such as a website, iOS and/or Android app and want a single source of content

  • Building a website using a static site generator such as Gatsby JS

  • Building a web app that does not require SEO

Use Cases...

  • Consume content on-demand from a CMS

  • Tech stack contains different programming languages and frameworks and you need a platform-agnostic approach to consuming content from a CMS

  • You have an existing site that you want to power some content from a CMS without having to re-write the whole site


Free => Nano => Pro => Ent


  • Support provided through help center, chat and submit a ticket form only, no email/phone support or any SLA
  • No User Generated Content component

  • Hosting not included

  • Does not support the Sync model (i.e Agility.Web)

  • Free is free-forever, but you can only have one free instance



  • Supports Sync model and/or Content Fetch API
  • Supports multiple channels, UGC, Search, and Ecommerce

  • Hosting options are available

  • SLA included + phone and email support

  • Pricing starts at $799/mo and varies depending on components required


How to Get Started?

  • Get started for Free at
  • Request to have the Content Fetch API enabled on any existing Agility CMS instance
  • Check out our tutorials

Can you really build a website with it though?...


Dawn of a New Era


Using Agility as a Headless CMS

By James Vidler

Using Agility as a Headless CMS

This presentation covers the Content Fetch API and new pricing plans available foo Agility CMS.

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