4.2 and Beyond

January 20, 2016

Jason Coposky, Chief Technologist

iRODS 4.2 - Focus on external services

Rule Engine Plugin Interface


Refactor API into a proper plugin interface


Messaging Framework


Reference Service Implementations

Rule Engine Plugin Interface

Leverage new languages for use as the Rule Language -

    Python, C++, Javascript


Combined with Dynamic Policy Enforcement Points - 

    Fine grained and fast dispatch to the messaging framework


Run multiple Rule Engines Simultaneously


Create custom Rule Engine plugins for specific functionality - 

    auditing, messaging, etc.

Refactor API into proper plugin interface

Provides policy enforcement points for all API calls


Policy enforcement is now an integral part of the entire   iRODS Architecture


Enables complete coverage for auditing, provenance, etc.

Messaging Framework

Custom Rule Engine Plugin - leverage dynPEPs


Consolidate work done by the Community



  •     Serialization technology
  •     Message formats
  •     Topics and the associated services


Provide packaged reference implementations

Reference Service Implementations

Leverage experience with existing Deployments - 

    iPlant, DFC, Hydroshare


Indexing - Elastic Search, Solr, etc.


Notifications - asynchronous updates


External Metadata Stores - Jena, etc


Auditing - Ingest service for audit messages

... and Beyond

iRODS 4.3 will focus on a uniform query API for the external services of 4.2

     iRODS becomes more than just files - data services


Introduction of the next generation RPC API

  • Thin client libraries - onboard all processing to the server
  • Standardize on Avro and ZeroMQ - support for all client languages


Initial Next Generation API call - The Unified Query Interface

  • General Query Language Version 2
  • A meta query language for various technologies - SQL, NoSQL, GraphDB, etc.
  • Allow for the refactoring of the database plugin(s)

iRODS 4.2 and Beyond

By jason coposky

iRODS 4.2 and Beyond

Overview of the iRODS road map for 4.2 and future directions.

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