Monitoring iRODS Zones

Jason Coposky, Chief Technologist

The Zone vs. The Grid

Zone Introspection - izonereport

Configuration management for iRODS - 
    A new icommand which executes a new API call
    across all servers within a Zone

  • maintain snapshots of Zone state over time
  • a remote debugging tool
  • allow for validation of Zone integrity
  • can be used to dynamically deploy a zone in cloud infrastructure




A Zone Report

Creates validated json document which includes:

  • iRODS version information
  • Host system information
  • Sanitized json configuration files
  • Configuration files from /etc/irods - base64 encoded
  • Listing of installed plugins


Schemas can be found at

Using izonereport

Run only as a 'rodsadmin' user with output to stdout:


izonereport > report.json 


Investigate with your favorite editor or the 'less' command

The iRODS Control Plane

A control channel which speaks directly to the iRODS Server -- allows for grid-wide operations

  • graceful shutdown
  • pause & resume
  • grid status information


Accessed via a separate client command: irods-grid


Check out the March iRODS Development Update:

The irods-grid Command

irods-grid --help

usage: 'irods-grid action [option] target'

action: ( required ) status, pause, resume, shutdown

option: --force-after=seconds or --wait-forever

target: ( required ) --all, or --hosts=", , ..."

irods-grid status

Returns a status of the server, or servers requested in a validated json document which includes:

  • Agent PIDs and their age
  • XMessage server PID
  • Rule Engine server PID
  • iRODS Server PID
  • Hostname of the server
  • Server status


irods-grid status --all

irods-grid pause and resume

Pause - suspend all incoming connections while allowing existing connections to complete


irods-grid pause --all


Resume - allow incoming connections from new clients


irods-grid resume --all

irods-grid shutdown

Gracefully shutdown an iRODS server or servers  allowing existing client connections to complete


irods-grid shutdown --all


Option --force-after=seconds -
kill any existing connections after N seconds

Option --wait-forever -

    do not kill existing connections, allowing them to finish


irods-grid shutdown --force-after=5 --all

irods-grid shutdown --wait-forever --all


Monitoring iRODS Zones

By jason coposky

Monitoring iRODS Zones

Overview of the izonereport and irods-grid commands used to introspect and control an iRODS grid

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