Planning Committee - May 2, 2016

Jason Coposky, Chief Technologist, etc.


  • We will miss Dan
  • Jason taking Dan's place as Interim Executive Director
  • Working out hiring with RENCI
  • Attending the International Conference on Mass Storage and Technology


  • UGM Update
  • Future Plans
  • Marketing Update
  • Technology Update

User Group Meeting


  • Almost at the 50 mark for registrants!
  • All facilities and catering plans firm
  • Weekly reminders and information going out via MailChimp
  • Agenda full – tweaking it some as needed
  • Planning for 130 – please encourage your teams to register asap

Future Plans


The strategy is not changing

  • Write good software
  • Grow the community
  • Show value to stakeholders

Future Plans - Software

  • reduce backlog
  • multi-part transfer
    • better restart capabilities
    • leads directly into cacheless object storage
  • tighter integration with filesystems
    • service for updating iRODS when replicas are modified at rest


Future Direction - Community

  • New Marketing Campaign
  • Several Training Opportunities
  • Significant number of open leads

Future Direction - Stakeholders

  • Grow Application Engineering team
  • Refine Membership Engagement
  • Slower development, reduce cycle time
  • Continue migration from legacy installations

Marketing Update


  • Finish the videos to simply explain the 4 pillars of iRODS
  • Start pushing the Open Source Campaign
  • Preparations for the UGM
  • Sponsorship opportunities are still open to all the members, participate!
  • Start building join marketing with members: Testimonials and possibly incorporating iRODS in your marketing materials to enhance business opportunities.


Technology Update

4.2 Feature Complete

  • rule engine plugin framework
    • complete parameter serialization
  • cmake build system
  • python configuration system
  • first class API plugins
  • refactor to resource ids
  • C++, Python, Javascript, Haskell rule engine plugins
  • auditing plugin and reference implementation

Pushing 4.2 release out a couple months

Imminent Engineering Preview

Planning Committee - May 2, 2016

By jason coposky

Planning Committee - May 2, 2016

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