The iRODS Consortium

Jason Coposky


Executive Director, iRODS Consortium

The iRODS Consortium - The Mission

To sustain the iRODS Ecosystem by:

  • Writing Good Software
  • Growing the Community
  • Showing Value


Development Team:

        Terrell, Antoine, Zoey, Ben, Rick

User Interface / Application Engineer:

        Cesar, Justin, New Hire

Management / Support:

        Bonnie, Dawn, Stephanie, Jason

Currently 15 Members

Growing The Community

Last 12 months:

  • 5 new consortium members
  • 113 new members of irods-chat
  • 199 new Twitter followers
  • Various Proofs of Concept - Future Members
  • Expanding engagement at conferences and workshops

In The Next Year

Continue the mission:

  • Write good software
    • iRODS 4.3 and Multipart
  • Expand the community
    • Further PoCs
    • Conferences, Workshops
    • Marketing & Case Studies
  • Stakeholder Value
    • One-on-One technical support
    • Training
    • Proofs of Concept
    • Co-Marketing & Sales

Consortium Membership - Touch Benefits

Public Support of iRODS

  • Priority access to an audience of over 1,000 iRODS sites
  • Direct interaction with Consortium members in the IT, Bio/Pharma, Geosciences, and University Research industries


Co-Marketing/Co-Sales Opportunities

  • Joint press releases and product announcements
  • Joint conference participation (e.g., talks at SEG, SC, BioIT World)
  • Assistance on sales calls by web conference or in person
  • The Consortium makes introductions as a neutral third party
  • Discounts on iRODS event sponsorship

Consortium Membership - The User Group Meeting

  • Hosted at the University of Utrecht in 2017
  • One day of training, two days of case study/technology presentations
  • Growing annual attendance
  • Members receive one free registration
  • Sponsorship/presentation opportunities available

Consortium Membership - Technical Assistance

Direct access to senior data management researchers and highly skilled engineers


Joint Technology Development

  • Far-field technology planning
  • Implementation discussions for specific opportunities
  • Directed open- and closed-source feature development


Technical Assistance

  • Phone and email support                                                      
  • Training for internal staff and customers


Tier 3 Support Agreements

Consortium Membership - Committees

Technology Working Group

  • Monthly web conferences
  • Discusses iRODS technology development                                                        


Planning Committee

  • Monthly web conferences
  • Discusses iRODS Consortium policy, business practices
  • Votes on technology roadmap


Executive Board

  • Meets twice yearly
  • Votes on Consortium budget and structural changes
  • Determines the thematic priorities of the Consortium                                    


Other Committees formed ad hoc to address specific technology or governance issues

Consortium Membership - Tiers

The iRODS Consortium

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The iRODS Consortium

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