iRODS User Group Meeting

June, 2015

Chapel Hill, NC

Jason Coposky, Chief Technologist

Focus on External Services

Messaging Framework


Rule Engine Plugins


Potential Reference Implementations


Architecture and Requested Enhancements

Messaging Framework

Consolidate work done by the Community



  •     Serialization technology
  •     Message formats
  •     Topics and the associated services


Provide packaged reference implementations

Rule Engine Plugins

Leverage new languages for use as the Rule Language -

    Python, C++


Combined with Dynamic Policy Enforcement Points - 

    Fine grained and fast dispatch to the messaging framework


Create custom Rule Engine plugins for specific functionality -

    auditing, etc.

Reference Implementations

Leverage experience with existing Deployments - 

    iPlant, DFC, Hydroshare


Indexing - Elastic Search, Solr, etc.


Notifications - asynchronous updates


External Metadata Stores - Jena, etc


Auditing - Ingest service for audit messages

Architecture and Requested Enhancements

Road map for 4.2 is open for requests - 

    Currently 58 Enhancements under the 4.2 milestone

Architectural Changes

    Move build system to CMake -

        better cross-platform build capabilities

    No longer statically link -

        icommands and server should depend on the dynamic libraries

Input from Membership and the Community

    Requests via GitHub and iRODS Chat mailing list




iRODS 4.2

By jason coposky

iRODS 4.2

Overview of the direction for iRODS 4.2

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