Welcome to the

2022 Recapathon! 🎉🎊

It was a year of ups and downs

First, some folks went on to do other things with their life.

I mean we're happy for them!
...and we miss them

Now we've got amazing new teammates!

Joshua Dinh!

Captain "I can do anything with raw enthusiasm!"

Jeffrey De-Grat Hinson!

The electrical engineer who was actually a closet UI/UX ninja


Glauber Silva!

The savior our gateways needed

Paulo Iankoski

Who can kill anyone with kindness

AND right at the last second!

Noah D'Arcy

The man of a thousand cats


Alexis Karnauskas

We're so glad you're year! Sorry about the mess.

Oh yeah. We built some stuff!

We introduced the Classic Template back in January 🧐

It only took sixteen weeks the time it took!

Joshua, Jeffrey, and Paulo took some list tables and made them fantastic.

The people asked for P2P emails...
and Joshua and Glauber answered.

Glauber took our gateways...
and pounded them into the future

Josh Cummings valiantly fought Web Core Vitals and probably won... 😅


Jeffrey and Kirkland built the GiveWP Design System that's going to affect everything

We... um... fixed some security issues.

Our frameworks are legendary

No joke. People talk about these. HUGE props to Jon and Kyle.

Field API

Gateway API

Query Builder

Form Design

Models & Repositories

Validation Library

Oh yeah.

One more thing.

We started building the next generation of GiveWP!

In short...

Both new team members and old.

You all did amazing work this year.

By the way...

Did you know this work makes a difference in millions of lives all around the world?

Time for street-cred awards! 😎



To Jon goes the...

lead-developer-in-practice award! 🧐

To Kyle goes the...

solid-engineer-with-a-hundred-hobbies award! 🪑

To Joshua D goes the...

growing-faster-than-bamboo award! 🎋

To Jeffrey goes the...

from-the-cage-to-the-stage award! 👨‍🎨

To Glauber goes the...

quietly-can-do-anything award! 🤓

To Paulo goes the...

conquered-jasons-leftover-prs award! 😬

To Josh C goes the...

youre-always-one-of-us award! 🤗

To Noah goes the...

welcome-to-the-team award! 👋

To Kirkland goes the...

unexpectedly-quite-professional award! 👨‍💼

To Alexis goes the...

i-know-a-shit-show-when-i-see-one award! 💩

To Devin goes the...

too-much-of-a-boss-to-keep-to-ourselves award! 💪

And now... for 2023

We've got some big opportunities in front of us

✅ Visual Donation Builder feature plugin in Q1

✅ GiveWP 3.0 release in Q2

✅ Focus on improved internationalization

✅ Truly begin to sunset old code and work in new

✅ We have tons of pitches and more to come

How about you?


What stands out from last year?


What are you looking forward to this year?


What are your goals?

All Hands Dev Party Annual Edition (2022-01-13)

By Jason Adams

All Hands Dev Party Annual Edition (2022-01-13)

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