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What is the most challenging thing when leading dev teams?

I remember you mentioned that you worked with dozen programming languages so far, which probably includes C#, Java, etc. How on earth did you end up working with WordPress?

What is the Command Bus pattern and CQRS?

How do you manage you learning time and topic/subject?

What are you currently learning?

How to overcome anxiety when you look at the new features of PHP 8 and then open your IDE and see that it is set up to support PHP 5.6? 😅

Can you talk about React state management, and what do you prefer to use and why?

Can you talk about the DB EAV pattern and why is considered "bad"? What are the alternatives?

Can you talk about DB indexing, how it works, what type of columns should be indexed, and what type of columns should not be indexed? Can you explain why low cardinality indexes negatively impact performance?

What is your favorite programming language and why?

All Hands Dev Party (2021-10-08)

By Jason Adams

All Hands Dev Party (2021-10-08)

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