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React & Redux?

  • React, great way to build UI fast (e.g. lists, tables, divs)
  • Redux, (aka Flux pattern with Reducers) is a way to contain all your 'state' in one place (as opposed to all over your components)
  • Together = Solid & Easy to Manage App

Redux is a design pattern, just like MVC

Traditional MVC

  • Models hold data
  • Views for presentation
  • Controllers that liaison between views and models to update information and present new views
  • Advantages & Disadvantages:
    • + Industry standard, has worked for 30+ years
    • - Scaling tends to be a challenge (especially writing new controllers and avoiding code bloat)

How is Redux similar to traditional MVC?

  • Views are created with React
  • Central "store" for data aka "application state" (like a model)
  • The Store communicates indirectly with React Views via "Actions", that create new states (with the help of "Reducers")  which trigger re-rendering of Views
  • The key difference between MVC & Flux/Redux is the concept of unidirectional data flow
  • By the way, Redux is NOT Redux Framework :)

What's Unidirectional Data Flow?

A Diagram to Explain

* from the Flux website @

  • Essentially data flows one way only.
  • Views emit actions (through events) which are translated by dispatchers that update the store (central state).
  • Top level views "listen" for changes to store, re-render all concerned views
  • All modules are independent.  State is not directly mutated by a controller
  • Compare this to MVC, where data is usually manipulated directly by controllers, as project scales so do controllers (could this be buggy)?

Explanation from Flux Website

  • Views can continue to emit actions which are handled by dispatchers and sent to stores before updating the view again (with new data)

Need more info?

Here's a video from Facebook

Find out about the scaling issues they had with their chat app on MVC

What's Redux's part in Flux?

  • Uses "reducer functions" to manipulate the state of your application, state should be "immutable"
  • As your application grows in scale, you can abstract your reducer complexity into smaller reducers (which later are combined by your app into one place)
  • One central store for your application (whereas Flux can support many stores)

Let's do an Exercise

(A simple demo)

 More Great Demos At:

What is MobX?

An alternative to Redux / Flux

MobX - Core Ideas:

  • You don't need to make state "immutable"
  • The real issue is state being inconsistent -- so:
    • Let MobX handle this problem for you!
  • Key benefits: 
    • You get to work with arrays, objects, primitives directly again
    • MobX handles the derivations & reactions (changes to your UI & I/O) through "observables"
    • It's kind of magic

MobX Design Pattern

  • Actions are your plain functions, event handlers
  • You mutate the state, then let MobX handle the updates

Let's check out their website demo

Flux vs Redux vs MobX vs MVC

What Should I Use?

MVC / MobX

  • You want to continue to work with JavaScript the way you are used to (object oriented programming)
  • You prefer managing models / data / state directly (as opposed to indirect)
  • You love magic

Flux / Redux

  • You desire greater separation of concern and have a strong need to track down every last thing in your app
  • Scaling has been a pain point for you in past applications
  • You are ready to move on past traditional MVC
  • You dislike magicians

Wrap Up

  • Flux / Redux = just a new idea for designing an application -- try it out
  • Not every project needs Flux/Redux -- e.g. if you're making a simple website where data isn't changing often -- you probably can just use vanilla JS
  • Use MobX -- it's also a great new idea for designing an application -- which one do you like better? MobX or Redux?  Or are you still privy to MVC?

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Intro to React Redux

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Intro to React Redux

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