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Learning ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Quick 3-hour Jumpstart



Jim Barry

ArcGIS Solution Engineer, Transportation Infrastructure; GISP

@JimBarry or github.com/jimbarry


This deck: slides.com/jimbarry/learning-arcgis-api-for-javascript


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Data > Design > Develop

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1. Working with Data

New to ArcGIS?


Suggestions for advanced learners


hands-on learning

2. Designing Maps

hands-on learning

3. Building Apps

New to ArcGIS?


Other app building options:


hands-on learning

ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Hands-on Learning Lab


1. Demo: Create a starter app

2. Tour your Developer Dashboard

3. Tour the JavaScript API dev site

4. Tour the Developer Tutorials

5. Browse the JavaScript Tutorials

6. Sign up, sign into ArcGIS Online

7. Sign up, sign into Codepen.io


8. HANDS-ON LEARNING (see next slide)

9. Sum up: Online community and resources



Hands-on learning

0: Import Data, Create a web map (if needed)

1. Create a starter app - Hello World!

2. Select a basemap

3. Add layers to a map

4. Query a feature layer

5. Add a widget - Get map coordinates

6. Search and find NYC Open Data (bike data demo)

7. Connect to GeoJSON data, Intro to SODA API

8. More new stuff: Editor widget, DotDensityRenderer

Get started with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Social Coding

Social Coding

esri.github.io   or   github.com/Esri

Social Coding

esri.github.com   or   github.com/Esri

Online Community

Esri Community

Online - community.esri.com

GIS StackExchange




Esri Developer Summit - #devsummit

Learning ArcGIS API for JavaScript

By Jim Barry

Learning ArcGIS API for JavaScript

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