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iMoot 2014 Presented by  Jean-Marc Doucet The Frenchie Limouzi

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Vocational training of adults

Distance education

Individualized pathways

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What we said Kolb (84)

Learning is a process loop

4 phases :
  1. The practical experience
  2. The observation reflected
  3. Abstract conceptualization
  4. The active experimentation

2 continuums
  1. Concrete  ← →  Abstract
  2. Active ← →  Reflective

The practical experience

The subject is immersed in the realization of the task.

During this phase, usually, it does not reflect on the task

The observation reflected

The subject reflects on what has been done and experienced.

That the subject has or reports depends on his skills, particularly in the field of observation and communication.

Values​​, attitudes and beliefs of the individual may have an influence on the types of events that may be noted.

Abstract conceptualization

The subject interprets the events he noticed and trying to integrate them into a theoretical system.

The active experimentation

The subject uses his new understanding to try to predict what will happen if the activity is resumed in the light of the newly developed theory.

Dominant learning style


The dominant learning style, this is the preferred way to solve a problem.

We use four basic styles, but 75% of people have a dominant style.

Entry point into the learning loop

Details in this file : 4 styles EN.pdf

The ISALEM-97 test

12 real-life situations

4 possible reactions

For each reaction ranked 1 to 4

  • 1 = This is totally me
  • 2 = This is often me
  • 3 = Sometimes this is me
  • 4 = This is rarely me

A read scale

an example

When I have a little hungry,   real situation

2 →  a) I wait until mealtime  possible reaction
4 → b) I eat what I expected possible reaction
3 → c) I'm doing possible possible reaction
1 → d) I take what falls into my hand possible reaction

1= This is totally me 2 = This is often me 3 = Sometims this is me 4 = This  is rarely me

Read scale

Moodle plugin questionnaire

Moodle 2.6

Theme Elegance 

The plugin in

The course in iMoot 2014 :

B24 / B59 - Customizing Content

Special thanks @Joseph Rézeau for his helping to do the test design.

Customizing Content

Structured educational sessions:

  1. Welcome
  2. Loop learning
  3. Evaluation

Rearrangement of content :

  1. Ressources 
  2. Activities

Loop Learning

1- Concrete experience

2- Active experimentation

3 - Reflective observation

4 - Reinvestment

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B24 / B59 - Customizing Content

Presenter : Jean-Marc Doucet (France)

Customizing Content

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Customizing Content

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