Leading a team

By Joeri Timmermans

Hi, I’m Joeri!

34 years old
Gaming, food, reading, education

Accountancy – Informatics

Interactive Multimedia Design



Project Manager


Learn & Development Manager

(1999 – 2007)

(2017 - 2021)

(2011 - 2017)

(2007 - 2011)

(2021 - now)





  Joined        Nov 2014

How did I end up here?


Year 2012

Year 2014

Year 2020

Public speaking

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Warning! This presentation contains my personal story and lessons I’ve learned in my first few years as a team lead. This won’t be a teamwork speech but it might contain some other clichés and explain why they have been important to me.




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Lesson 1

Having hands-on experience

will always give you an edge.

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Lesson 2

Put your trust in the team and the team will trust you.

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Lesson 3

Create a non-blame environment where everyone is allowed to make mistakes.

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Lesson 4

Life ain’t a pony farm; personal life ALWAYS comes first.

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Lesson 5

You’re not a princess,

get your hands dirty.

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Lesson 6

Always take the blame,
never take credit.

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Lesson 7

Encourage ownership.  

Lesson 8

Consistency is key

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Lesson 9

Be thankful

3 Tips

  1. Trust
  2. Respect
  3. Consistency



  • "Daily"
  • Share frustrations, search solutions
  • Stay up to date
  • Everyone should get some time
  • Important with remote work to stay connected
  • Coffee break chat
  • Can be done while walking, e.g. noon-walk

Team events

  • 125€ / pp, use it!
  • Is a great way to introduce someone new
  • Something to look forward to as a team
  • Appreciation for the hard work
  • Can be used in different usefull ways
    • Communication and work stimulation (e.g. Escape room)
    • Competition spirit (e.g. Bowling, karting, VR shoot)
    • Motivation, moral, fun (e.g. Festival)
    • Celebration (e.g. Christmas dinner, Project ending)


  • Monthly (If something is wrong, don't wait!)
  • Informal
  • Build trust
  • Personal approach
  • Follow up growth path
  • Always start with 'How are you?'
  • Frequently used questions
    • How is work? (Carriere switch)
    • How is life at home?
    • Can I help with something?
    • Do you have any frustrations?
    • Do you miss something?


  • Yearly
  • Formal
  • Personal growth
  • Goals
  • Working points
  • Potential salary evaluation
  • Belt/rol evaluation

Team retrospectives

  • Each 2 months
  • Team brainstorm
  • Group frustrations => Group solutions
  • Re-evaluate common goals
  • Creative moment to inspire each other
  • Some ideas
    • SWOT 
    • Mad, Sad, Glad
    • Start, Stop, Continue
    • Mission statement

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Leading a team

By Joeri Timmermans

Leading a team

Talk based on my blogpost (link below) to share my ideas and experience I've build up throughout the years. (Directed at teamleads) https://www.joeritimmermans.be/blog/leading-a-development-team/

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