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by Joe Wolfe Yelm WA

According to Yelm online, a firm known as Inslee recently provided a relified fund for immigrants within the Washington area which includes Thurston County.
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Yelm Online News & Finance

By Joseph Wolfe Olympia WA

Yelm Online News & Finance

F Shame! How I Learned to Cut My Credit Card in Half Remember I told you about how I created some debt reduction principles that helped me get out of debt? I want to make sure you read that cover as well. I want to give you the beginner principles and then some advanced lessons of how to go on from there. First, you'll want to figure out how much debt you really are in. Is the amount a little more than you would like it to be? Do you think you handle it well by making minimum payments every month? If that's the case, then you may benefit from reading the next few paragraphs. I first learned how to break the cycle of spending more than I make and that is by using the principle of "Well, you can have it all." I took that lesson from a financial advisor whom I met with years ago who asked me, "How much debt is too much?" I had a quick discussion with myself and Me because in my case I was a shopaholic at debt. I'm a person who still remembered the feeling of buying the diamond the day after you've been engaged or a parent who freaked out when they looked at a 6-year old son with a very expensive watch. I remember the feelings I had in my heart on the day I paid off my 17th credit card and had my first pay check of the year! We lived like rock stars and knew that we could handle anything that might happen. We knew that we were on the upper end of our vocabularies, so we lived.

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