Recommendations for new geospatial curricula of Belarusian universities

Creating the basis for metadata management

Improving data quality control

Postcode coverage mapping

The life cycle of metadata in Spain

A practical lesson on GIS spatial analysis, geomarketing

Automatic building detection using aerial view

Cadastral registration and maintenance system in Spain

A cadastral performance monitoring system

First online training action 

SCM #3...

Церемония открытия Твининг-проекта

Twinning project opening ceremony

a data model for the NCA...

Metadata portal business plan

Joining Iberoamerican countries in Granada

INSPIRE 2019 in Helsinki

in the Kadaster...

Second Steering Committee Meeting

metadata portal: see requirements...

starting component 3: new findings...

First Steering Committee Meeting

NCA twinning: first steps...




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