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  • Query and manipulation language specification for APIs
    • Just one API endpoint
    • Multiple queries defined by a schema
  • Alternative to REST
  • Developed by Facebook in 2012
  • Released to the public in 2015

Schema & Types

Scalar Types

  • Int: A signed 32-bit integer
  • Float: A signed double-precision floating-point value
  • String: A UTF-8 character sequence
  • Boolean: true or false
  • ID: A scalar representing a unique identifier

Custom scalars can also be created, examples are:

  • Date
  • JSON

Object Types

Queries & Mutations




Query Resolvers

Mutation Resolvers

Running GraphQL

Apollo Server

Thank You! 😄

Slides and code can be found in:

GraphQL for the impatient

By Julian Duque

GraphQL for the impatient

A brief introduction to GraphQL in Node.js

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