Contributing to Open Source

Kadi Kraman often developed in a collaborative public manner

Open Source software... free to use free to distribute

...source code is released publicly

Why should you contribute?

Giving back to the community


Internet points

Bragging rights



npx create-react-app my-app

Create React App

1021 node modules

How to contribute?

Time or Money

Support project at the Open Collective

As a company...

Host a meetup

Sponsor a conference

Allow bench time to be used on Open Source

Open Source

> 200 Open Source Projects

'bench' time is used to work on OSS by default

everyone is encouraged (but not required) to come up with new OSS ideas

employees can get paid extra to work on Open Source on their spare time

Contributing your Time to OSS

Make it into a habit and you won't even notice it

OSS Rule of thumb #1

If you find a bug in a library you're using...

rather than creating an issue to report it, open a PR to fix it!

OSS Rule of thumb #2

If you couldn't find a library to do it and had to build it yourself...

consider open sourcing it!

Getting started if you've never contributed before

Happy Hacking!

Contributing to Open Source

By Kadi Kraman

Contributing to Open Source

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