Java 2 Enterprise Edition

Group 2 Presentation

ISIT938 E-Business Technology


  1. Introduction
  2. Architecture
  3. Components
  4. J2EE and E-Business


J2EE technology provides:

  • component-based approach to design, development, assembly and deployment of enterprise application. 
  • multi-tier and distributed application model
  • the ability to reuse components
  • unified security model
  • flexible transaction control


Introduction (cont.)

  • Client tier components run on the client machine
  • Web tier components run on the J2EE server
  • Business tier components run on the J2EE server
  • Enterprise data tier software runs on the database server

J2EE Architecture

J2EE Components

  • Application clients and applets are client components.
  • Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology components are web components.
  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) components (enterprise beans) are business components.

J2EE Components (cont.)

Client component: 

  • web-based : using browser
  • non-web-based : client app, thin client
  • applet

Web component:

  • JSP : generate dynamic contents
  • Servlet : processing request & providing response

Business component:

  • Session beans: handling user sessions
  • Entity beans: deal with database
  • Message-driven beans: asynchronous communication

J2EE Components (cont.)

J2EE and E-Business Challenges

  • Cost and complexity
  • Solution: Leverage reusable software components


  • Limited scope and impact
  • Solution: Provide interfaces that enable enterprise-wide application development


  • Diverse standards
  • Solution: Utilize existing standards and software components

J2EE and E-Business Challenges

  • Applications architecture
  • Partitioning of application logic
  • Improves maintainability
  • Simplifies software upgrades and management
  • Enables increased aggregate functionality
  • Reduces component maintenance cost
  • Separation of workload to improve scalability and reliability
  • Strong separation prevents vendor lock-in

J2EE and E-Business Challenges

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J2EE Architecture

By Arief Karfianto

J2EE Architecture

Presentation by Arief Karfianto

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