Building Rust community in Indonesia

Rizki D Kelimutu

Rizki Kelimutu (Kiki)

Community Development Team - Mozilla

What is Rust anyway?

3 | Rust community

Open source spirit is the contributors

4| Rust community

But, we need

a community as well

5| Rust Community

1st learning

6 | Rust Community

Provide sense of belonging

(contribution path way)


7 | Rust Community

Safe space to share knowledge, information, & opportunity

(help each other to learn)


8 | Rust Community

Developer love to show off their work (well, everyone does)


9 | Rust Community

Reach out to the experts

(people need role model,

so do the developers)


10 | Rust Community

Gather in person

(host regular meetup)

Thank you

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Building Rust Community in Indonesia

By kelimutu

Building Rust Community in Indonesia

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