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Basic Home Page at GEDmatch

You can lower these to 500 SNPs and 6 cM

One to One of 23andme Dad versus Family Tree DNA Dad

Dad 23andme versus Dad ftDNA

Dad 23andme kit versus Family Tree DNA kit on left


Dad 23andme kit versus 23andme kit on right

23andme File Analysis

Family Tree DNA File Analysis

DNA File Diagnostic Utility Output

My picks for the most useful functions to use with your DNA kit are starred

You may want to use 10cM or even 20cM for the minimum largest autosomal segment to make a faster and shorter list

One to Many Comparison

My Dad's One to Many Report, notice the different relationships - gen 1.0 are his children, 1.5 nephew, 2.6 1st1R

Relationship shared DNA at ISOGG wiki from Blaine Bettinger

Blaine Bettinger's chart from the ISOGG wiki entry on autosomal statistics, bookmark it and use it!

You can lower these to 500 SNPs and 6 cM

One to one with numbers and graphics (partial page)
My double third AJ cousin

One to one without the graphics
My double third AJ cousin

Siblings have fully identical regions (FIRs) - the green bars

My X match with my brother

You can select a group of kits to investigate from the one to many

There are many tools that can be run with your list of test kits

Segment CSV file

  • The color coding is the size range in cMs (the graph is in base pairs).
  • Each person is a different line rather than a different color
  • Old branch means that it is match to a previous person, a white line shows where

The GEDmatch Chromosome Browser

The 2D chromosome browser compares everyone to one person (the first in the list if a group)

The 3D chromosome browser compares everyone to each other

The ICW function:

"People who match
one or both kits"

Comparing my Dad and my 2nd cousin with threshold 8cM

My GEDmatch home page has the tier 1 utilities

A paid membership gets some extra tools called "Tier 1"

Form to do a matching segment search, enter your kit number

Part of a Matching Segment Report

Form to do a triangulation, enter your kit number

Sorted by Chromosome and Position with Graph

Sorted by Kit Number has more information and can be resorted in a spreadsheet

Master Spreadsheet that I use for my Dad's comparisons

I put the triangulation information in the notes column and color the TGs


Playing with GEDMATCH admix tools


  • If you have at least one parent tested then you can separate what you got from each parent

  • For child kit number 'xxxx', paternal file will be generated as PxxxxP1 and maternal file will be PxxxxM1

  • If the maternal or paternal phase can be determined the values will be assigned else the original unphased values will be kept


Tools for analyzing your DNA data

  • Are your parents related?

  • What color are your eyes?

  • Any errors in your DNA upload?


GEDmatch Tools 2016

By Kitty Cooper

GEDmatch Tools 2016

Using the tools at GEDmatch 2016: a free third party site for DNA comparisons Presentation by Kitty Cooper

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