The Challenges of Jewish DNA testing

By Kitty Munson Cooper
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98% shared
DNA with him
99.7% with me

are NOT the same as
personal genome tests

Forensic DNA tests

23 pairs of chromosomes

Image of painted (SKY) chromosomes - where each of the 23 pairs of chromosomes comes in a distinct color. Courtesy of DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research

Diagrams from the NIH

Y Haplogroups

Sample Y DNA STR results for 37 markers

Jewish E haplogroup Family Tree DNA project


Inheritance from 8 g-grandparents, courtesy of Angie Bush
Admixture of a 100% Ashkenazi person from

Photo of Elizabeth Jacobs born 1842 in Poland, the great grandmother of a friend.

Photo given to her by a cousin found with DNA

Some statistics showing the number of matches from my own family
Used by permisson from Paull et al paper (link in handout)
Company 23andMe ftDNA FF AncestryDNA
At SNPs 577,382 708,092 682,549
Y SNPS 2329 None 885
X SNPS 19,487 18,091 17,604
mtDNA SNPS 3154 None None
Tests in the database
(as of 12 April 2015)
over 900,000 About 140,000 over 700,000
Statistics as listed at ISOGG dated April 2015
Relationship Chart from ISOGG wiki

The Challenges of Jewish DNA testing

By Kitty Cooper

The Challenges of Jewish DNA testing

Working with DNA testing presents unique challenges to the Jewish genealogical community due to the close relatedness of their DNA and the lack of deep family trees

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