Choosing a Name for Your Computer

RFC 1178

  • August, 1990
  • Don'ts and Do Suggestions



Don't overload other terms already in common use.

Eg: up, down

Don't choose a name after a project unique to that machine.

Eg: shop

Don't use your own name.

Eg: don

Don't use long names.

Eg: slientdarkrider

Avoid alternate spellings.

Eg: czek

Avoid domain names.


Don't use antagonistic or otherwise embarrassing names.

Eg: moron

Don't use digits at the beginning of the name.

Eg: 127home

Don't use non-alphanumeric characters in a name.

Eg: db$

Don't expect case to be preserved.


Use words/names that are rarely used.

Eg: squire

 Use theme names.
Use real words.
There is always room for an exception.


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Choosing a name for your computer

By Kracekumar

Choosing a name for your computer

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