Grinnell AppDev

 [build together] 

 We are building a multi-disciplinary community  of students with a passion for creating mobile  apps and other software to benefit those at Grinnell and beyond! 


  •  Growth this semester: Impact of the Innovation Fund 
  •  Diversity: Not Just for Developers 
  •  Sustainability:  Built to Last 


  • Created a Structured Curriculum for iOS & Android
  • Self-initiative & Mentorship
  • 22 Developer Trainees this Semester
  • 5 Promoted to Full Members








grinnell s&b


  •   Snacks & Apps  
  •   Pioneer Weekend  
  •   User Feedback  


  • Finding a Space for AppDev
  • Minimizing Technical Debt
  • Refining the Educational Program


  • Iterative Improvement of Educational Program
  • More Apps! Based on Community Feedback &                   Suggestions
    • Title IX
    • Alumni Connections
  • Explore Different Venues of Serving the Community                  (not mobile app exclusive)

Grinnell Appdev

Grinnell AppDev

By Lea Marolt Sonnenschein

Grinnell AppDev

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