Better UX through blockchain bridging



Mick de Graaf, Liam Zebedee


  • Blockchain and full-stack software engineer
  • Working with blockchains since 2015
    • Writer and creator of blockchain tech (ZKDAO)
    • First non-finance blockchain product in Australia, on Bitcoin
    • Worked with Port of Rotterdam as senior engineer, where I met Mick

What sucks about mainnet?

  • Transaction fees
  • Storing lots of data
    • $$$
    • images?
    • HTML? 
  • Speed
    • Moving lots of data 
  • Various other constraints of public chains
    • Privacy (in proprietary/business settings)

But mainet is also great.

What is the alternative?

  • Polkadot
    • not ready till Q3
    • requires stake/approval (not for MVP's)
  • Cosmos
    •  IBC not ready till Q3
  • Plasma
    • "WTF are predicates."
  • POA/xDAI
    • Trusted validator set
    • No bridging to mainnet.
  • None of these are ready

We'll launch our own blockchain!

But wait, take this...


The bridge between chains.

Ethereum Mainnet, Kovan, Rinkeby, Polkadot, Cosmos...

Berse: how it works

  • Contracts emit events (as usual)
  • You write your contracts, deploy them to two chains
    • Mainnet
    • Your own chain
  • Using Berse's API's, you can verify the events of one contract on the other chain

Berse: technicals

  • Cross-chain relayer of events
  • Simple one-liner Solidity API:
    • EventEmitter.relayEvent("Deposit")
    • EventListener.checkEvent(fromChain, proof)
  • Merkle proofs to verify events on other chains
  • Tunable security parameters around finality/delay




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By Liam Zebedee