Libraries in the Age of Extended Reality (XR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Mixed Reality (MR

Ken Fujiuchi

Emerging Technology Librarian

Joseph W. Riggie

Information Systems Librarian


Virtual Reality

  • Computer Generated
  • Controlled Environment
  • Immersive

Augmented Reality

  • Live, physical view
  • Overlaid sensory information
  • Approachable




Milgram, Paul, Haruo Takemura, Akira Utsumi, and Fumio Kishino. 1995. “Augmented Reality: A Class of Displays on the Reality-Virtuality Continuum” 2351: 282–92.

Role of Libraries and Librarians

Content Curation & Evaluation

  • 3D scanning and 360 capture
  • Quality and authority control
  • Digital curation is necessary
  • What content is deserving of digital preservation?
  • What is real?
    Can librarians act as arbiters of genuine content?


  • Cataloging for linked data environment
  • Data can be independent of object
  • New ways to catalog and record metadata

User Experiences

  • New user interface possibilities
  • New ways to interact with materials
  • New ways to access information

Digital Preservation

  • Preserve interactions and experiences
  • 3D reproduction
  • Preservation through data


360 Recording Kit

  • Ricoh Theta V
  • Low Profile Stand
  • 3D Spatial Audio Recording
  • Protective Case
  • User Guide
  • Release template


  • Use AR and visual identifiers to find misplaced books
  • Discontinued due to patent dispute

Variation on a theme

Sensor based

Measurement based


Old City of Dubrovnik

  • Recreate spaces with existing datasets
    • Public Flickr images

Mythical Maze

Synthesizing Obama: Learning
Lip Sync from Audio

Apple ARkit and

 Google  ARcore

Flexible Virtual Spaces


  • AKA ... HP reveal
  • Use trigger images.
  • Include rich resources, 3dmodels, video, images


Libraries in the Age of Extended Reality: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR)

By Ken Fujiuchi

Libraries in the Age of Extended Reality: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR)

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