Are PWAs ready to take over the world?

Implementing main progressive web app features in practice

Jarek Lipski:
Untitled Factory Studio, PARIS:


What are PWAs?

PWA is a set of technologies designed to make faster, more capable web sites. They load fast, are available offline, are secure, can be accessed from your home screen, have push notifications, and more.


-- Luke Wroblewski, notes from Jason Grigsby's talk

PWA demo: Sojourner

Sojourner Usage

Unique visits Saturday (per 30 min)

Other conferences: FlowCon

Active users (5+ bookmarks)



Selected PWA aspects





Caching via Service Worker

Using Stale-While-Revalidate strategy to handle schedule

Pre-caching static resources (shell, images, fonts)

No-caching of real-time information (room full)



There are client-side full-text search libraries, such as Elasticlunr or Fuse.js


Update automatically on next visit, can invite the user to do immediately.

Add To Home Screen (A2HS)

Offers almost universal support:

  • Chrome (Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows)
  • Firefox (Android)
  • Safari (iOS)

Happens automatically on first visit


Which design system: Material Design, Human Interface Guidelines?

Nokia N900

Nokia N900 app


So are PWAs ready to take over the world?

Thank you!


  1. The Case for Progressive Web Apps by Jason Grigsby - An Event Apart: video

  2. Progressive Web Apps book by Jason Grigsby: excerpt

  3. The offline cookbook by Jake Archibald: article

  4. Client-side full-text search: article, Elasticlunr, Fuse.js

  5. PWAs on iOS: article

  6. All powerful front-end developer talk by Chris Coyier, JAMStack: video

  7. Why “Progressive Web Apps vs. native” is the wrong question to ask by Dan Dascalescu: article

  8. Progressive Web Apps simply make sense by Jason Grigsby: article

Are PWAs ready to take over the world?

By Jarek Lipski

Are PWAs ready to take over the world?

This talk offers a walk-through of the main PWA features and a comparison how they behave across different platforms (Linux, Android, iOS), on various web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Practical code examples will come from Sojourner - a FOSDEM conference companion app. We will also discuss some UX/UI challenges and their potential solutions specific for PWAs.

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