Coastal Climate Risk Assessment Introduction

Workshop objectives:


•Identify risks associated with inundation from sea level rise 

•Ground truth mapped assets


•Introduction (45 mins)

•Risk identification (50 mins per location)

•Group discussion and next steps (45 mins)

What is risk?

What is risk?

Risk = Effect of uncertainty on outcomes.

An effect is a deviation from the expected -  positive and/ or negative

What is the difference between a risk and an issue?

> an issue is a problem today

> a risk may become a problem in the future. 

Risk Assessment Process

Based on Australian Risk Assessment Standard

The workshop will focus on

based on Australian Risk Assessment Standard

Why we need you

Why we need you

Risk is the interaction between the hazard with the asset.


We know the hazard - sea level rise, climate change

You know your assets, what’s along the coastline, how it might respond to inundation and erosion. 

Cross discipline participation

There will be many people with different backgrounds in the workshop


This is important to understand the interrelationship between social, economic and environmental impacts.


This way we can learn from each other. 



So....what you can do before the workshop

...apart from looking at this pretty sunset


Think about the assets that you manage along your coastline

What do you value about your coastline?

​How do you and the community use your coastline?

What are the current pressures on your coast?

How might the above change in the future - 2030, 2050, 2100?

Think about your objectives

- How might sea level rise affect you meeting your objectives?



Come and shape the future of our coast!

Coastal Risk Assessment Introduction

By Loop and Company

Coastal Risk Assessment Introduction

Introductory presentation for the risk assessment workshop

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