Community Sector Resilience Program

Bulletin update May 2016

Included in this update:

  • Sector engagement to date
  • Upcoming workshops
  • Outputs from the project to date
  • ​What next?
  • How you can get involved

Who has been engaged so far?

Sector Engagement

Structure of peak agency engagement

1) phone call

2) follow-up email with information

3) arranged face to face meeting

4) either tailored workshop for peak body, or

4) engagement in regional workshop


Peaks to encourage member participation in project and attendance to targeted workshops

Face to face meetings with peaks: 

  • Carer's Victoria
  • Community Housing Federation Victoria
  • Domestic Violence Victoria
  • Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association
  • Pennington Institute
  • National Disability Services Victoria
  • Victorian Healthcare Association
  • Centre for Excellent Child and Family Welfare
  • Council to Homeless Persons
  • Municipal Association of Victoria
  • Rockefeller Foundation (Resilience Melbourne)
  • DHHS regional public health managers

Email & phone correspondance:

  • Berry Street
  • Yarra Community Housing
  • Port Phillip Community Housing
  • Victorian Council of Social Service
  • Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

DHHS representatives

  • Emergency Management Board
  • Regional Public Health Managers
  • Local Connect representatives

These representatives aid in the coordination of the regional workshops and circulate invitations to regional CSO

Targeted Engagement

Regional Workshops

Regional workshops - Targeted engagement


  • Provide an introduction to the community sector resilience program;
  • Assist participants to understand how natural disasters can affect their operations and service delivery;
  • Highlight the benefits of resilience planning;
  • Provide an opportunity to test tools developed from the program and shape how resilience planning will be undertaken with the sector.


Regional workshops - Targeted engagement

Flexible Agenda

Open: 10:00pm

Introductions – Ice breaker

Project Overview - bracketing

Morning Tea Break ~ 10:40am

Potential risks from natural disaster events – rich picturing

Tool testing

Sector benefits of resilience planning - presentation

Lunch: 12:30pm

Shaping the project – systems mapping


Close: 2:00pm


Upcoming workshops


...get your pen out!

Regional workshops - Targeted engagement

Location Region Date
Mildura Loddon-Mallee 14/4/16 - complete
Bendigo Loddon-Mallee 15/4/16 - complete
Traralgon Gippsland 26/5/16
Bairnsdale Gippsland 30/5/16
Footscray (Carer's Vic) Metro West 6/6/16
Camperdown Western Region 23/6/16
Melbourne Metro East 24/6/16 or 29/6/16
Ararat Grampians region 20/6/16 TBC
Benalla Hume Region 27/6/16 TBC

*More dates and locations to be confirmed

'Loved the activities’ ‘taking the activities away’
'New people in the room – great networking’
‘I want to use this tool with everyone in our organisation’
‘I understand a lot of agencies are facing the same issues as us’
‘I really need to include this as a running agenda item’
‘facts about natural disasters and impacts on agencies – I didn’t realise it was so severe’

Workshop insights so far

Outputs so far


Project website

Vulnerability map

Resilience tool


Outputs to come


Social network analysis

Resilience Implementation plan

Project website

Vulnerability map

  • maps every CSO across the State
  • overlays historic disasters
  • overlays future projections
  • request access from project team

Resilience Self Assessment Tool

  • Available on project website - currently in user testing mode
  • Measures resilience baseline against resilience characteristics
  • Provides guidance for resilience support

Outputs to come

Social network analysis

  • reports on the sector connectedness
  • 'who do you learn from?'
  • 'who do you turn to in a disaster?'

Resilience Implementation Plan

  • Recommends how to undertake resilience planning in the sector
  • Outlines methodology for Project 3

How you can get involved

  • Attend a regional targeted engagement workshop
  • Register your interest with one of the project team
  • Select 'participate' on the project website to be contacted


  • Resilience planning support
  • Networking and knowledge sharing between agencies
  • Learn more about the benefits on the project website

What's next?

  • Targeted engagement workshops continued across the State
  • Resilience tool testing and improvement
  • Social network analysis collation



Project 3 - Facilitated Resilience Planning starts in August 2017

  • Don't miss out on this opportunity to build the capacity of your organisation
  • Resilience planning is fully funded
  • All you have to commit is staff time
  • Register your interest now!

What's next?

  • Targeted engagement workshops continued across the State
  • Resilience tool testing and improvement
  • Social network analysis collation






Ali McArthur - Loop and Co

+61 422 244 993

Rob Turk - Arup

+61 422 244 993


Department of Health and Human Services

Daniel Voronoff

 9096 7173

Community Sector Resilience Program Bulletin May 2016

By Loop and Company

Community Sector Resilience Program Bulletin May 2016

Update on the program to date (May 2016)

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