Community Sector Resilience Program

PAG Inception Workshop Pre-Package

Thursday 12th November 10am - 3pm

Arup Offices, Melbourne

Welcome Project Advisory Group (PAG) Member !

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You might be thinking...'why me?'


Well this project seeks to build the resilience of the community sector - the best way to do that is to engage with those who know the sector best...thats you!

Before we go any further, let us give you some background information on the project...

This project was born out of the desire from DHHS to support their funded agencies in the face of disasters and climate change - to make them more resilient

The fact service organisations support the most vulnerable in our society who are most affected by disasters.

But as you know, community service organisations themselves are vulnerable to disasters.

ACOSS research indicated that 25% of CSOs cannot operate again after a disaster, and 50% of organisations are out of operations for up to a week after a disaster.

If this wasn't reason enough...the demand for these vital services is likely to increase with social vulnerability characteristics increasing due to increasing disasters.

The Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research outlined that the best way to increase the capacity of CSOs to plan for changes in the climate is to facilitate adaptation or resilience planning.

They recommended the facilitators to 'live the following principles'...



So we are trying to live these principles in the Community Sector Resilience Program. 

And that is why we are speaking to you.... 

You know the sector, and we have built the program flexibly to consider your insights. 

The overarching objectives of the project are:

To activate resilience leadership and coordinated effort in the community sector

Partnering with people who effect change in the sector, peak groups and across networks;

Help to empower organisations understand disaster risks; and

Equip organisations with facilitated resilience planning.

Community Sector Organisations (CSOs) include all agencies funded by DHHS to deliver services, including: 

local government

​community housing providers

family and youth support

indigenous support orgs

elderly support


So what do we mean by resilience?

Resilience is the ability to become strong, healthy and successful again after a shock or disturbance. Resilience can include the ability to move or change to be able to cope or do things better.

Resilience to what?

Disasters and extreme events are becoming more prevalent. These include heatwave, bushfire, flood, storm events and increasing extreme in temperates.

So what does the project entail?

So that was a lot to take in!


and just a few more things we would like you to think about for the inception workshop...

We would like your thoughts (bring these on Thursday):

who learns from who in the sector?

where do CSOs go for information on disasters and extreme events?

questions on the methodology

key organisations for us to speak to first

what are your thoughts on the PAG terms of reference

who else should be included?


Thank you for your time and looking forward to getting to know you more! 


Community Sector Resilience Program - PAG inception workshop prep pack

By Loop and Company

Community Sector Resilience Program - PAG inception workshop prep pack

This short introduction to the project outlines why you for PAG and some tidbits of info to get you in the know!

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