Community Sector Resilience Program

PAG Meeting 2

Friday 18th March

10:00 - 12:00pm

Arup Offices, Melbourne

What we will cover in this meeting:

  • Update on project to date
  • Engagement
  • Mapping resources
  • Review of website + external communications
  • Review of resilience monitoring tool
  • ​Next steps

Who has been engaged so far?

Structure of peak agency engagement

1) phone call

2) follow-up email with information

3) arranged face to face meeting

4) either tailored workshop for peak body, or

4) engagement in regional workshop


Peaks to encourage member participation in project, attendance to targeted workshops and use of resilience tool (to be released)


Engagement with DHHS regional public health managers to arrange workshops regionally

Face to face: 

  • Carer's Victoria
  • Community Housing Federation Victoria
  • Domestic Violence Victoria
  • VADA
  • Victorian Healthcare Association
  • Centre for Excellent Child and Family Welfare
  • Council to Homeless Persons
  • MAV
  • Rockefeller Foundation (Resilience Melbourne)
  • DHHS regional public health managers

Email & phone correspondance: 

  • NDS Vic (awaiting response)
  • Yarra Community Housing
  • Port Phillip Community Housing
  • VCOSS (PCP coordinator)
  • VACCHO (awaiting response)

Regional public health managers (DHHS) 

  • Loddon Mallee (workshops secured)
  • Gippsland (workshops pending)
  • Southern (workshops pending)
  • Hume (workshops pending)
  • Grampians (awaiting response)
  • Barwon South West (awaiting response) 
  • North and West (awaiting response)
  • Eastern (awaiting response)

Introductory workshop with peaks involves using soft systems methodology activities. Workshop resources are made available on project website post introductory workshop.

View sides here: 


View handbook here:








Resource development update

We have produced online mapping tools which outline:

  • location of organisation (type, address)
  • overlay of extreme events (heat, flooding)
  • overlay of climate projections

We will share this with you during the PAG meeting

Communication tool - project website


Please review and note your thoughts on the project website. Please bring these thoughts to the PAG meeting. 


See website here:

Testing the resilience tool


During the PAG workshop we will test the resilience monitoring tool that we have developed. 


This is the first time it has been tested online with sector experts.

Next steps...

Next steps...


  • Targeted workshops arranged with regional public health managers
  • CBD workshops arranged
  • Publicity through peaks
  • Continued user testing and improvement of tool
  • Social network analysis reporting
  • Resilience Monitoring Framework development

How you can help:


  • Provide feedback on tool
  • Provide feedback on website
  • Provide insights into workshop scheduling
  • Link us to other organisation clusters and peaks
  • Promote the project

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Community Sector Resilience Program - PAG meeting 2

By Loop and Company

Community Sector Resilience Program - PAG meeting 2

Update on the project to date

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