Local Government Adaptation


DELWP workshop


This workshop will focus on adaptation


Adaptation: action to reduce vulnerability to impacts we are already committed to

​managing the unavoidable


Mitigation: reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to avoid future impact

avoiding the unmanageable 






The second Victorian Government Adaptation Plan will be delivered by the end of the year.

The State Government is committed to working with local governments to make Victoria a leader in adaptation.


Why me?

Because you play a vital role in your council (environment, planning  assets and infrastructure) and we want to understand how best to support the link between your role and climate change adaptation.



These workshops will be facilitated by:






Your feedback in the workshop process will be collated and sent back to you within a fortnight.

A summary paper will be produced for your review.


DELWP promise

DELWP regional officers promise to:

  • engage in the spirit of honesty and openness
  • give and receive  feedback in good faith  
  • interrogate the outputs of the workshops in a meaningful way.

Workshop Principles

All activity throughout the workshops and resulting outputs will be undertaken with the following principles in mind.

- Transparency

- Honesty

- Trust

- Collaboration and Teamwork

- Positive Action and Ownership

- Wellbeing

(you will have opportunity to influence these on the day)

Workshop objectives:

  • Discuss the adaptation plan and what it needs to deliver for local government
  • Acknowledge the work that has been undertaken by local governments
  • Strengthen the relationship between local and State governments to undertake collaborative adaptation planning and address the MOU

Flexible Agenda

10:00 - Coffee and tea arrival

10:10 - Introductions + Icebreakers

           - Agenda, Principles and Expectations

10:50 - Adaptation plan and local government engagement presentation

11:30 - Morning Tea

11:50 - Facilitated discussion/response to presentation

1:30 - Reflections

2:00- Close

So....what you can do before the workshop

...apart from looking at this pretty sunset

Number 1 Priority: Read the Adaptation Plan discussion paper for Local Government (to be circulated prior to workshop)


Talk to the relevant people in your organisation - Environment, Planning, Infrastructure and Assets - and make sure they have RSVPd to attend.

- Yes! We do want more than one representative from each council to attend


Consider what you would like to get out of the workshop and what you expect from a relationship with State Government managing climate risk.






If you have any questions prior to the workshop, please contact climate.change@delwp.vic.gov.au.






We look forward to seeing you there!



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