Embedding Adaptation


Where are you at?


Why we're running this session

why embed





Who you are

Your organisation

Who you work with

How you work

How you understand climate risk 


Another tool...GREAT!


Process Change

Capacity Building


Other perspectives

Kate Lonsdale

…we need to think in terms of challenges to be taken on in the full realization that, as soon as we appear to have met the challenge, things will have changed and the horizon will have shifted once again…

Hartmut Fünfgeld

Embedding adaptation into organisations – emergent theory

•Always consider context

•Focus on good process, not end points

•Challenge existing assumptions

•Communicate to make it meaningful for people

    Embedding adaptation

What are your thoughts?

Reflection questions

What was new?

​What was challenging?

How has your perspective changed?

What are you taking away?

What was most important?

Have a lovely day!


Embedding Adaptation

By Loop and Company

Embedding Adaptation

PPT for Embedding Adaptation Breakfast

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