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Linda Nichols / @lynnaloo


  • JavaScript Developer
  • Artist
  • Robot Maker
  • Animal Rescuer
  • Works for Emerging Technology Advisors
  • @lynnaloo on most of the things social media


  • Organizer of: 
  • Norfolk.js
  • NodeBots Day Norfolk
  • HRDevFest / RevolutionConf
Today, I'm going to ask you to air all of your dirty laundry.
On Github.

What's Github?

  • Website for storage and version control of project artifacts. 
  • The "hub" is a social network for collaborators.
  • The free tier supports public repositories for open-source projects.
So, you should put your code there. Even your imperfect code.
Commit it. In public.

Once Upon a Time...

I was learning React.js and Hapi.js and I made a thing. Then I open-sourced that thing on Github.

Mullet was Born

People Got Involved!

Then, I started pushing all the code [real good]. 

But... Why?

  • Your code is your resume.
  • All software jobs will require you to know some kind of version control.
  • You get free code reviews.
  • If you're learning something, someone else is too. Build it, and you can learn together.
You don't have to use my naming strategies, but developers are people and people like a little silliness.
My ETA technical interview:

How do I Start?

  • Make a Github account and create a public repository with anything in it. 
  • Look at open issues in another project.
  • Get involved in #hacktoberfest.
  • Add a feature to one of my open-source projects*.

k, so let's open-source something!

Commit As You Learn

By Linda Nichols

Commit As You Learn

Free Code Camp October 2016 talk about pushing your code to Github as you're learning.

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