NodeCopters && Teaching Kids to Code

Who am I?

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So what's a Nodecopter?

A *copter powered by JavaScript (Node.js)

Historically, NodeCopter has been this

Did you say drone ?!?

But now, NodeCopter also means this

Did you say Rolling Spider ?!?

What is the unicorn magic that makes this work?
var RollingSpider = require("rolling-spider");

var rollingSpider = new RollingSpider();

rollingSpider.connect(function() {
  rollingSpider.setup(function() {

The code looks something like this


For more examples:

But what do NodeCopters have to do with teaching kids to code?

ETA's New daVinci Program

  • Makes emerging technologies available to every student at NO COST to families or schools
  • Teaches programming using code blocks + moving robots
  • Students keep what they build

Accessibility is the key to learning  

function runCode() {

Each code block represents JavaScript commands that are executed in sequence in Node.js

How do the kids program the robot?

What do the kids think?

How about a demo??!!

NodeCopters && Teaching Kids to Code

By Linda Nichols

NodeCopters && Teaching Kids to Code

A brief introduction to NodeCopter and teaching kids to code using NodeCopters. Presented at Pop Up Robots in 2015.

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