What's in a Name?

The Story of Mullet.io

Linda Nichols / @lynnaloo


Writes JavaScripts and pilots quadcopters with kids at 
Emerging Technology Advisors.


Organizer of Norfolk.js
RevolutionConf NodeBots Norfolk

So, what's this about?

How being a little bit silly with your code can be a great way to get other people involved in open-source software. This can start with a ridiculous name!

Once upon a time...

Back when the MEAN stack was everything.
I thought I would make something with React on the front-end and Hapi on the back-end.
What do you call something that's Facebook in the front, and Walmart in the back?


The Brunsvolds

Then, on a Thursday...

Mullet is born

And then ...

Even better...

And even more ...

  • Yacht-Rock - Mullet on a Boat 
  • Tarzan - Mullet on the Amazon 
    [Amazon API Gateway]
  • Lumberjack - Mullet in the Forest [Trails.js]
  • Bounty-hunter - Mullet + Dog​ [Waterline/Dogwater]

The moral of the story

  • Open-source software doesn't have to be so serious.
  • Developers are people; people like a little silliness.​
  • Submitting a PR is a little less stressful in a comfortable environment.
  • If you're learning something, someone else is too. Build it, and they will come.

What's in a Name?

By Linda Nichols

What's in a Name?

The story of Mullet.io. Presented at Brooklyn JS on March 17, 2016.

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