In It Together:

An Introduction to SPORT SKYDIVING


Da Vinci designs a parachute with wooden bits


Someone brave jumps Da Vinci's designs (sans wood)

Spud Manning

Inventor of doing stuff whilst falling really fast


Parachutes used for not stupid stuff

LEO valentin

Rediscovers doing stuff while falling fast

Only this time the country had 1000s of spare parachutes!

Custom sport parachutes

Late 50s sees parachute clubs spread across the USA
Parachutes designed for sport use are invented
Para Commander in 1962

Major risks

  • Opening shock of early square parachutes
  • Lack of steering control of round parachutes
  • Deployment problems of main parachutes
  • Ease of cut-away in case of malfunction
  • Reserve deployment in unforeseen circumstances

Bill & Ted

Skydiving pioneers


BiLL & Ted

Inventors of tandem skydiving, piggy back parachutes, the hand deployed pilot chute, the 3-ring release system and pretty much everything else cool in skydiving

Seriously, these two were awesome.

Performance Designs

Making sure we don't hit the ground too hard

Automatic activation device

Fighting natural selection since 1959


Advancing the sport and wasting hours on YouTube


Early contests took the obvious route of "accuracy" of landing
Landing within 100 ft of a target was a competition winner
Today the overall targets are just 16cm in diameter!

Technology drives competition disciplines

Advent of video dramatically altered where competition can be held

Review of aerial footage has pushed "air work" competitions

Formation Skydiving involves forming "shapes" with a group

Free Fly involves more difficult head-up (sit) and head down positions

Formation Skydiving

Fame and fortune for sexy sky shapes


The art of being upside down

Canopy piloting

You thought parachutes were there to slow us down?

Preventing impact

A look over the features of a modern sport parachute

A "rig" is made up of the following components:

  • Container (harness, container, risers)
  • Main parachute (parachute, bag, pilot chute)
  • Reserve parachute (parachute, free bag, spring pilot chute)
  • Automatic Activation Device (optional)

Accelerated Free Fall

"If you got the money..." The fastest way to learn to fly

RAm Air Progression system

Real skydivers get out low


Join us, 7th September, to experience this!

The Next level

Mankind can fall very fast & not be dead. What's next?

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Introduction to skydiving

By Mike Lehan

Introduction to skydiving

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