One To Many

Scaling a development team

Mike Lehan


Most developers will program outside of work hours

Nobody gets good at programming without investing a bit of time

Ok, a lot of time!

Why do we do it?

Become more employable

Learn new technologies

Develop sub-concious knowledge

Creativity is good!

A bold new world

(or, all work and no pension)

Freelance work

Supporting existing teams within an organisation

Working on new projects in a company, or on startups

More money

More responsibility

Less freedom

Why go from One to Many?

Freelance work

Company does well

You built most of it

Welcome to the team!

Solo project

Find a customer

See a gap in the market

Time to make some money!

Who are you and why do you keep talking to me?

Ground Control Skydiving

Side project to full time business

Scaling problems

Multiple clients, exponential complexity

Code heavily coupled with business logic

No tests

More scalable business

More compartmentalised product

Time to hire a bunch of folk!

They're going to hate this...

... then they're going to hate me

Take a deep breath

Your code is OK

100,000 lines of code in 1 day

Without help from a Vulcan

It's our mess and we're proud of it


A brief word on hiring

Where are we now?

10 months after 1st hire

Moved to OO framework

Rewritten database layer using PDO

Codeception for unit, integration & acceptance tests

Complete front end redesign

Doubled number of advertised properties

100% uptime (exc planned migrations)

Stuff what helped us

Procedural code is, at least, easy to read


Already using a bug board


Hired (accidentally) a team from very different backgrounds


Management is a skill!

Enjoy the journey from One to Many!

Mike Lehan


One to Many

By Mike Lehan

One to Many

Talk at PHPNW meetup November 2015

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