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MOOC Technologies

The OERu experience

Wayne Mackintosh


Nurturing sustainable futures

There is no form of educational delivery more cost-effective, scalable and sustainable than open education

The problem


Supply | Demand

Building and clouds by MichaelGaida dedicated to the Public Domain under Creative Commons CC0

Unsatisfied demand for HE

 100 Million additional places by 2025

Crowd by James Cridland licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

BIG vision for a small charity

But what if ...

Institutions assembled only 2 courses from OER

Agreed to provide assessment services for formal credit?

OERu concept


Open technology


Open windows by PrestPhoto dedicated to the Public Domain under Creative Commons CC0

What can open do that closed can't?

MOOC platforms (Centralised)


Learning complex skills


Can you learn to ride a bike by reading a book?

OERu learning environment


Course web site

Distributed interaction tools

Live course feed

OERu's open source NGDLE


Technologies for delivering MOOCs

By Wayne Mackintosh

Technologies for delivering MOOCs

The OERu experience

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