Responsive tables


Tables in 2019

Responsive tables


Option A

Horizontal overflow + scroll


  • Easy to implement


  • Robust and flexible


  • Poor reading experience


  • Might not be clear that there is more data

Option B

Same, but style the scroll

Credits : Roman Komarov & Lea Verou


  • All the previous


  • Extra affordance


  • Can't be combined with background-color on table rows


  • Still not a great reading experience

Option C

Display: block + repeat header labels

⚠️ Accessibility

"When CSS display:block or display:grid or display:flex is set on the table element, the table is no longer represented as a table in the accessibility tree, row elements/semantics are no longer represented in any form."


Source : Paciello Group


  • Good reading experience


  • Verbose markup (or JS dependency)


  • Need to hardcode a breakpoint

Option D

Just Use <div>s™

I sure hope you know what you're doing

Option E


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Thanks !


Responsive tables 101

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Responsive tables 101

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