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  • Building a Covid19 Dashboard with Phoenix LiveView

  • Query Better with Django ORM

    In this workshop, we will learn about intermediate and advanced features of Django ORM. We will see how we can run complex queries with Django ORM efficiently and staying Pythonic all the while.

  • KarmaWerks, Part 0

  • Query Better with Django ORM

    In this workshop, we will dive deep into Django's excellent ORM and learn about how to run complex queries on database while staying Pythonic.

  • Database

  • Simple Ectonomy

    My talk for Toronto Elixir meetup, January 2019 edition.

  • Doing Domain Driven Design with Django

  • Backend Developer's View on GraphQL

    The slides of my talk for GraphQL Toronto Meetup (September 2018) in Shopify. https://www.meetup.com/GraphQL-Toronto/events/254175984/

  • Elixir, Phoenix and DDD

  • Thinking in GraphQL with Python


  • metaprogramming nirvana

    Metaprogramming makes programming programmable. It is a featur that liberates programmers from the shackle of limited coding patterns and producing codes that stays closer to the domain in hand. It also makes a programmer closer to the language in question and gain deeper "feel" for the syntax and libraries. The more metaprogrammability a language gives, the more empowering it gets. In this talk I would present aspects of meta-programming of different languages and how wielding it can beget pure joy.

  • Exploring Lambda: Functional rewiring of the Object Oriented Mind

  • Sharpen you JavaScript Claws

    Beyond jQuery, beyond copying and pasting, there's a language... and tools, and frameworks, and libraries... and often, fatigue

  • React Made Easy

    My keynote slides for developer's conference 2016

  • Why I Hate JavaScript

  • A Ride with React

    My Slides on LLC's Ride with React

  • Introducing Clojure[Script]

    My slides on the JUGBD 5.0 on Clojure

  • Have you met netty?

    My slides on the JUGBD 4.0 on Netty

  • Django Unchained

    My slides on Django for the Digital World Developers Conference, Dhaka 2015. I aim to explain the work-flow of Django in a story telling fashion as opposed to diving deep unto code (That's reserved for a longer workshoppish session ;))

  • Grokking AngularJS

    My presentation for the AngularJS conf 2014 @ UIU. (As of now it's in the future ;-))

  • Cool Features of Python Programming Language

    Presentation slides for my talk in Pycon Dhaka 2014. In here, I talk about some of my favorite features of Python's syntax, as well as an extremely short lived tour of the basic Python syntax, in the end, I close with mentioning the philosophy of Python and what is meant by being "Pythonic"

  • AngularJS

    This is a basic introduction to AngularJS and a whirlwind tour of some of its features, along with fleeting mention of some of the intermediate/advanced ones.