Social media contests

Social networks have become an integral part of the life of every modern person. Many brands have long been actively practicing creating personal accounts in social media. networks where fans and customers, by subscribing, can find out fresh, relevant information about new products, promotions, discounts. Anyway you can buy votes for online contest. One of the most effective ways to increase sales, attract new subscribers and activate existing ones is to conduct contests on the brand's page on the social network. The main difficulty in implementing such a plan of ideas is to come up with an original, interesting, but at the same time easy-to-implement competition, think over its conditions to the smallest detail.

Naturally, it is worth thinking about what you can offer as a prize for which subscribers would want to compete. But with the choice of the winner, there should be no problems - now there are many different programs for their determination in a random way from all that have fulfilled the conditions of the competition. In addition, the winner can be determined by the number of likes to his entry.


Can't think of a contest to offer your subscribers? Take advantage of one of our twenty-five creative ideas.

1. Competition for recruiting "anniversary" number of subscribers (for example, 10, 50 or 100 thousand). The anniversary subscriber receives a prize.


2. “Like the photo? Like it! The one whose like will be the hundredth will receive a pleasant surprise from us! "

3. "Leave a comment 'competition' under this post and get a 10% discount on your next order. Five lucky ones will be chosen at random tomorrow at the same time. "

4. Contest-acquaintance with subscribers. “Briefly, brightly and creatively tell a few words about yourself in the comments, be sure to attach your photo with our products, and you will receive (name of the gift) as a gift. The winner will be determined tomorrow at 12:00. "

5. Competition for the best commentary. “In the comments to this post, suggest your own version of the phrase“ I love (brand name) for ... ”. The winner will be the one whose comment gets the most likes. "

6. Competition for knowledge of the history of the brand (an offer to answer the question when the brand was founded, how the brand name was invented, what it means, etc.).

7. Competition for the original use of the brand's products. “Think of how else you can use our product. Post your original ideas embodied in the photo in the comments to this post. The winner with the most likes will receive (gift option) ”.

8. Seasonal competition. “Tell us what you love (season) for. The winner, chosen at random, will receive a prize. "

9. “Have you already tried a novelty from our updated menu? Share your opinion about it, tell us what you would add or remove from the dish. The winner of the competition will receive it for free the next time he visits our restaurant again. "

10. Tomorrow we will have products from a new collection in our assortment. Like this post, repost it and get a 10% discount on the desired product.

11. Competition for providers. “Everyone knows that our tariff (the name of the tariff) is very popular. How many private and corporate clients do you think use it? The one whose answer option is closest to the truth will receive a 50% discount for the next month of payment for our services. "

12. “Come up with an original caption for the photo. The author of the comment with the most likes will receive (name of the gift). "

13. Contest for attentiveness. “Count how many peas (butterflies, flowers, kittens, etc.) are hidden in the picture. Write your options in the comments to the post. The first one to answer correctly will receive a prize. "


14. “Measure your love for our brand on a 10-point scale and tell us why you love us so much. The author of the best comment will receive as a gift (name of the gift) "

15. Love the weekend as much as we love them? Tell us exactly what you love them for and enjoy an unforgettable weekend at (name of place).

16. “You think you’re popular on social media. networks? Let's check! In the comments, leave a link to your Twitter or Instagram account. Three of those with the largest number of subscribers will receive pleasant surprises. "

18. “There are only a few days left until Halloween (New Years). Ready? Show what you are going to celebrate a fun holiday. The author of the most creative costume will receive a gift. "

19. “Childhood is a wonderful, but fleeting time. Remember who you dreamed of becoming as a child? Tell us about this and whether your dream has come true. The author of the most interesting story will receive a pleasant surprise. "

20. Competition for a coffee shop account. “Do you like coffee the way we love it? Tell us about the maximum number of cups of coffee you have ever had in a day, and how many cups of coffee a day do you think is too much? The winner will be determined tomorrow at the same time. He will get the opportunity to spend one romantic evening in our cozy coffee shop for free. "

21. “Do you like to travel and would like to be able to do it more often? Tell us where you would like to be right now and what you would do there. A pleasant surprise awaits the author of the best commentary. "

22. “Name who played (name of movie hero) in the legendary film (name of film). The one who is the first to answer correctly will receive a ticket to the cinema. "


23. "Which movie hero belongs to the phrase:" (quote from the film) "? The first one, who answered correctly, will receive a ticket to the cinema, and if the answer is supplemented with the name of the film and the year of its release on the screens - two.


24. “Looking forward to your vacation? How do you think your perfect day at the beach goes? The author of the most original answer will receive a pleasant surprise. "

25. A variant of a competition on a sports theme. "Tell me the name of the first Grand Slam winner in tennis history and the year it happened, and you will have the opportunity to win a season ticket to our tennis club."


When coming up with a competition for a brand page on a social network, remember that it must correspond to the topic, brand specifics, and be aimed at your audience. This way you can really interest potential customers and encourage them to be more active, show the company's friendliness towards its target audience.

Social media contests

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Social media contests

Social media contests

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