Arrays and Loops

pre-lecture bonus topic

Adding elements to the DOM using JavaScript

(or adding HTML tags to the page using JavaScript)

   const mySection = document.createElement("section");
   mySection.textContent = 'Hello, World'

creates the element

tag of the new element

selector for parent

Adds the element to the DOM

The new element


Loops allow us to do the same task repeatedly a controlled amount of times. 

Use Cases:

- I want to count from 1 to 100 and print out all the even numbers

- While my hand of playing cards totals less than 21, draw a card

- disable all the buttons on the page

- until I run out of meatballs, keep making meatball subs

For loops



// print out the numbers 0-9
for( let i = 0; i <= 9; i++) {

For loops example

// Count the numbers 1-100, 
// if the number is /5 then put in the DOM

for(let i = 1; i <= 100; i++){
    if (i % 5 == 0){
        const newSpan = document.createElement("span");
        newSpan.textContent = i

While loops

While Definition

while (some_truthy_expression){
    // do something

While Example

let isNightTime = lookOutsideForSun()

while (isNightTime){
    // do something
    isNightTime = lookOutsideForSun()


Types so far

// Number
const count = 5; 

// string
let dayOfWeek = "Tuesday";

// function
const updateButtonEvent = () => {
    console.log("button clicked")

// boolean
const isCool = true

Arrays are a data structure that allows us to store things in a list-like manner 

Before array

const lion1Name = "Simba";

const lion2Name = "Scar";

const lion3Name = "Nala";

const lion4Name = "Mufasa";

With Arrays

const lions = ["Simba", "Nala", "Scar", "Mufasa"]

console.log(lions[2]) // what will this print out?

Using arrays

const myFavoriteThings = []

// add
myFavoriteThings.push('Raindrops on roses')

myFavoriteThings.push('whiskers on kittens')

// add and update
myFavoriteThings[5] = 'Bright copper kettles'

// delete


bringing it all together


const disneyVillains = ["Jafar", "Scar","Hades", "The Shadow Man"]

for (let i= 0; i < disneyVillains.length; i++){
    const listItem = document.createElement('li')
    listItem.textContent = disneyVillains[i];

But wait! there is more....

Really bringing it together


const disneyVillains = ["Jafar", "Scar","Hades", "The Shadow Man"]

for (let i= 0; i < disneyVillains.length; i++){
    const currentVillain = disneyVillains[i];
    const listItem = document.createElement('li')
    if (currentVillain === "Hades"){
    listItem.textContent = currentVillain;

lets build something.

Arrays and Loops

By Mark Dewey

Arrays and Loops

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