Speeding up my Web App with WebAssembly


WebAssembly ? 🤔

In a nutshell 🌰


  • Low-Level Bytecode for the Web
  • V1 shipped as Minimum Viable Product
  • Fast, efficient, portable
  • Uses existing sandboxing tools
  • No Plugin needed
  • Standard and specification through W3C




So JavaScript will be replaced, finally? 🥳

WebAssembly and JavaScript


"WebAssembly is designed to complement JavaScript

not replace it"

StateOfJS 2021



Ok so how can we benefit from WASM? 🤔

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That's Me

Martina Kraus



WebAssembly for Web Developers


  1. Performance a.k.a "it needs to be fast"
  2. Filling the gaps in the JavaScript language







Runtime performance

(No I/O, databases, HTTP rendering, network traffic)


  • JavaScript
  • WebAssembly



Execution of JavaScript inside the Browser


Source Code



Interpreter / Compiler

Machine Code

Inside V8






But how?


The C++ Toolchain for WebAssembly





  • Drop in Replacement: Cross compiles C/ C++ with LLVM to bytecode and then to wasm
  • emulates whole file system if necessary
  • using WebGL to pretend to be OpenGL
  • Support standard C++ Libs (import via build step)
  • Extends LLVM optimizations with JavaScript optimizations








Ports (WebGL)




Input/ Output-Files


Clang/ LLVM


Emscripten Compiler Frontend


Emscripten SDK Manager


Build pipeline


I need to learn C++ now?

Using existing C++ Code



  • JavaScript has many npm packages but sometimes not enough (and not the best quality)
  • Find libs on other languages (C++ / Rust)




The future of



WebAssembly Threads

  • One of the most important performance additions
  • using POSIX Threads to run parts of your code in parallel
  • a combination of multithreading paradigms on the web:
    • Web Worker as a WebAssembly Thread
    • SharedArrayBuffer for a shared memory




  • Single Instruction, Multiple Data
  • simultaneously performing same operation on multiple data elements
  • compute intensive applications (image processors, audio codecs) will take advantage of SIMD for better peformance



  • WebAssembly ships C++ (and other languages) to the web
  • WASM-binaries faster to download and execute
  • The peak performance of WASM and JavaScript is nearly the same
    • ​but this will change with WebAssembly Threads and SIMD
  • But it's easier with WASM to stay at the "high performance" path
  • Use the ecosystem from other languages too, compile them to WASM






Slides: https://slides.com/martinakraus/speed-with-wasm

Repo: https://github.com/martinakraus/WebAssembly_Demo

Thank you !!!



More with CMake/ Makefiles


A Makefile defines set of tasks to be executed:


Configuration and compilation:

A Makefile defines set of tasks to be executed


A Makefile defines set of tasks to be executed


Speeding up my Web App with WebAssembly

By Martina Kraus

Speeding up my Web App with WebAssembly

WebAssembly Performance talk at bettCode

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