"Walk" Smarter.

Relocate Easily. Bid on other hotels' customers.


It's not just for trains and planes

Hotels oversell too

Like airlines, hotels factor in noshows according to historical data, sometimes they are too pessimistic

Hotels oversell too

Hotels sales team might want to accomodate large parties (eg: conferences or events) at cost of relocating some guests.

Hotels do oversell

Hotels are selling through dozens of channels, closing availability might leave some bookable even when using channel managers

(and technical issues always occur while approaching full occupancy)

Hotels must push RevPAR and occupancy, but also...

You can't always plan rooms' maintenance and you might have to put a room out of order.

Today. For tonite.

The old way

Call all the nearby hotels

The                                  way

Place a relocation request

  • Indicate the reservation details (checkin, nights, ADR, rooms quantity, rooms type)
  • Restrict hotels that will get a notification by stars, guests ratings and radius from your hotel
  • Indicate if the relocation request is guaranteed or tentative

The hotels matching your criteria get notified

You can still get bids from non-matching hotels

When bidding...

You can accept the relocation requet as-is or change the ADR and/or
the room type.

You can also set a time until the bid is valid 

The relocating hotel can pick the most suitable bid.

Or none.

Business model

We charge a commission to the successful bid

(You can relax now)

"Walk" Smarter.

Relocate Easily. Bid on other hotels' customers.


By Matteo Galli


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