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Functional                  Imperative         
     Erlang                           Java
     Ocaml                           .NET
     Haskell                        C++
     Scala                             Ruby
     Clojure                         Python



  • Focusing on Domain not Platform
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Size of Product
  • Composable, Code Manageability


  • Cost of Support
  • Needs Education


  • Powerful Type System

  • JVM ecosystem

  • Akka lightweight processes

  • Enterprise ready

Success Stories:

Backend, Web, Java Services Orchestration


  • Complex Task

  • Huge Code Size

  • All Participants are Rock Stars

  • Most Powerful Type System

Success Stories:

Microtransactions, FPGA modeling, unique tools, DSL creations


  • Superfast as C++ or even more

  • Low entry because of OOP

  • Types are First Class Citizens

  • ML Classic

Success Stories:

Banking, complex algorithms, DSL creations


  • Easy and Scalable

  • Mature soft real-time

  • Cluster orchestration

Success Stories:

Web, Telecom, GSM, Networking,

Messaging, DHT


Haskell 1998 — mostly academic

OCaml 1996 — marginal classic

Scala 2004 — Java replacement

Erlang 1986 — most enterprise-like

Erlang — Dynamically Typed Functional Language

Don't be sad, Look on numbers...


    • FioranoMQ JMS

    • Tibco JMS

    • WebSphere JMS

    • RabbitMQ AMQP

MQ server — cluster heart. On of the most scalable and fast MQ — RabbitMQ — AMQP implementation of messaging protocol developed in JP Morgan.


C/C++:  Redis AP, MongoDB AP

Java:     Oracle Cache Coherence AP,

               Cassandra CA, Hadoop CA

Erlang: Riak AP, CouchDB AP, Hibari AP,

               KAI AP, LeoFS AP, Mnesia CA

Erlang has more DHT implementation

than any other language 

because of its cluster ready infrastructure.

Who ?

Ericsson                  Amazon SimpleDB

T-Mobile                  Facebook Chat

Telia                         Github Pages

Crytek                            WhatsApp

Wooga                           Linden Lab


Cons turns Pros

Average developer PHP/Java/.NET/Ruby 

1 Week Entrance 

Dynamic Typing doesn't need High Education 

Desire or Wish is enough

Success Stories in Ukraine

Synrc Research Center
Massive Solutions

Erlang Stack

  • Erlang/OTP solid ground for Orchestration

  • Riak reliable Key-Value storage

  • RabbitMQ enterprise level PubSub

  • Nitrogen fastest Erlang Web Framework

  • Cowboy fastest Web Server

  • GProc distributed QLC registry

Synrc Research Center s.r.o.

Erlang from Technical and Business perspective

By Maxim Sokhatsky

Erlang from Technical and Business perspective

The presentation targets CTO, CEO and decision maker audience.

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