Erlang PaaS

Future of Erlang

Developer Happiness



Scalable XMPP Server

Portal with Black Jack

Popular Fastest Web Framework


    Erlang PaaS

    Xen Compatibility

    Libraries N2O, KVS, MQS

    Application Bones

    Typical PaaS

    Create Linux Box

    Install Erlang

    Run Hello World


    Erlang PaaS

    Zero Manageable KV Store 

    Enterprise Ready MQ 

    Fastest Web Framework 

    True WebSockets and REST 

    Application Bones

    Linux Complexity

    App Domain B-Tree

    over Riak/LevelDb B-Tree

    over FileSystem B-Tree

    over VFS cache

    over I/O Scheduler

    You Pay for This



    VMware ESXi

    Linux KVM


    Jail / Zones / Containers

    Xen Enabled

    Haskell HaLVM Alive?

    Erlang on Xen Сloudozer

    OCaml Mirage

    Erlang on Xen

    Low Latency 30 ms boot 

    Spawn Instance on HTTP Req

    Almost all OTP 

    LING is faster and cleaner

    Early Adoption


    on LXC

    Developer Environment

    SSH Access

    Continuous Integration

    Xen Compatible Libraries


    to Xen

    Secured by Hypervisor

    Pay for Reductions

    Low Price 

    Spawn on HTTP Request


    LXC: docker

    Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Amazon

    Xen: XenServer, EoX

     Rackspace, Amazon, Own


    Create Instance in 4 Clicks

    Fast Prototyping

    Easy Deployment

    Scalable Personal Cloud

    Zero DevOps

    Unique Features

    Topology Awareness 

    Hot Migration

    App-aware Balancing

    Instant Bursting 

    Clean Codebase w/o Legacy

    Voxoz Platform

    KVS: Riak, Kai, Mnesia

    MQS: AMQP, 9p, Feed Server

    N2O: WebSockets, Nitrogen, REST

    Sign-in: Twitter, FB, G+, GitHub

    Payments: PayPal, Credit Cards

    Rich Demo Apps

    Fury Personal Blog

    Skyline App Store Sample 

    Esprit Social Network

    Ready to Deploy

    Just change Header Name

    LXC Pool

    Instance Server -> LXC

    Release Server -> CI

    Skyline Store App -> Release

    No Obligations

    Transfer your Apps anywhere

    Pay later only for Reductions

    Everything is Open Source

    Including PaaS itself


    Developer's Courses

    Your Next Erlang Startup

    Low Latency Cloud Apps



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    Erlang PaaS

    By Maxim Sokhatsky

    Erlang PaaS

    LXC, Xen, docker, Erlang, XenServer, N2O, KVS, MQS

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