NetPromoterScore (NPS) analysis

Mervi Sepp, PhD

9-10 Promoter
7-8 Passive
0-6 Detractor

Analysing setup

Client focused construction 

Data gathering key - client number in NPS file

Python codes to collect data from relevant fields in different files with client number as the search criteria

Cross tabulation of data in Excel


Would you recommend NPS channel (branch office - servicing person, internetbank, e-mail)?

Would you recommend the bank?



  • Client active in multiple channels- NPS used in all active channels

  • Client has multiple open connections/buys multiple products - NPS used in all relevant connections

  • Client gave multiple NPS  <5%
  • At this stage omitting client given free text answers/comments/evaluation

Would you recommend branch office, internetbank and letters?


What happens in Internet ?

Sample metrics

  1. #NPS scores 11 684, unique 11 202
  2. 24% of clients with no channel listing but with NPS and signed a deal - indirect channel assignment based on purchase etc?

  3. #NPS scores within 2 weeks 4376, 37%
    1. clients with channel  1557, 36% of eligible NPS
    2. clients without channel 2819, 64% of eligible NPS 
      • Loss of resolution for low activity channels

  • Gender

  • 38%male


Juunior kuni 25 a 26-59 a alates 60 a




Results: bank NPS in SEB channels

Banking average 20 NPS Benchmark Charts, Satmetrix, March 2010

29% active in at least two channels

#1 Branch office&Internetbank

#2 Branch office&Webpage

NPS of exclusive channel use vs double with branch office

Results: NPS products view

Product purchases grouped: majority of clients buy 1-3 products together


SEB NPS 23, Branch NPS ~35

Branch NPS higher than whole Bank NPS

Inernetbank analysis - free advice

NPS varies more in channels than in products

The key is better integration of different channels - the clients use them together


By Mervi Sepp


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