• why voicethread?
  • why integrate?
  • addressing privacy 
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What is VoiceThread?



Lynette: The ESL Perspective

Technology Framework

VoiceThread in context

ELST 0283 - Listening and Speaking - Intensive 3 credit course

  • 7 week partially online course
  • Meets f2f twice a week (6 hours)
  • Balance is online (2 hours)
  • Usually combined with a 6 credit Intensive Reading and Writing Course
  • May be taking electives such as pronunciation, grammar, or UG courses at the 2 highest levels
Information page

Consent "assignment"

Laurel: The BSN Perspective

Meg: The Tech Perspective

Why integrate?

  • convenience
  • account/group maintenance
  • single site license

What about Privacy?

  • yes, we did a privacy impact assessment
  • yes, it was onerous
  • what about informed consent?
  • how is that working for you?

Privacy challenges

  • lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities
  • lots of fuzziness around privacy implications
  • does it mean anything to students?

(http://bit.ly/1kbyKoZ )

Lessons from Lynette

  • integrating VT into Moodle helps to validate the activity from the student perspective – not just “extra practice”
  • even with ESL students, no difficulties with set up – useful to take low levels to the departmental language lab
  • new feature of integrating with Gradebook is very interesting
  • students seem to feel the consent form was par for the course and to be expected with an online tool
  • enriches the online environment in a listening and speaking class

    Lessons from Laurel

    • great for connecting /engaging learners in a blended program
    • not good for in-depth dialogue (written forums better)
    • easier to use when linked with Moodle
    • use a rubric that focuses on deep critical thinking and critique
    • students "volunteer"  to use it in other courses

    Tech Lessons

    • PIA onerous but worth doing to understand the process
    • vendor support was excellent
    • raises questions about training and support
    • helped us to develop a procedure for future LTI integrations

    LTI Questions

    1. What data is to be transmitted and stored. Is personal information included (note: that student email addresses are considered to be personal information).
    2. Where does this company store the data that’s uploaded?  (If it’s outside of Canada, Sec. 30.1 of Canada's FIPPA act will apply. In practical terms, this most often means that informed consent is required from the student or employees.)
    3. Who owns that data?
    4. What are their privacy policies?

    5. What kind of data security precautions are in place?  In other words how capable are they of monitoring and safeguarding the integrity of the data?  Do they run periodic audits?  Are their servers secure?  What kind of ‘firewalls’ do they have to prevent hacking?



    Lynette Manton: lynette.manton@kpu.ca

    Laurel Tien : laurel.tien@kpu.ca

    Meg Goodine: meg.goodine@kpu.ca

    Extending Moodle

    By Meg Goodine

    Extending Moodle

    ETUG Presentation June 12, 2014

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