Top 5 WordPress Landing Page Plugins For 2020

Are you striving hard to grow your email list? Do you want to generate more leads? Haven’t you found any reason for people not signing up for your webinars?


Well, the landing page is the only solution that you can rely on.


Whether you want more people to download your free eBook, sign up for your webinar, or increase your number of subscribers for the newsletter, a well-designed landing page can do wonders to increase your conversion rate.


But, do you know what landing page really is?


Let’s learn about what is a landing page and what is the purpose of having a landing page?

A landing page can be understood as a page where you lead your visitors to or where they land after clicking on a link, or ad. But, the landing pages we are talking about here are the standalone pages you create for your website to generate leads.


But do you know how to design landing pages if you have no idea of web design or coding?


Actually, it can be designed using landing page plugins and we will talk about some of them in the next section of this blog.


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What is WordPress Landing Page Plugin?


Technically, a plugin can be defined as a software component that is used to add a particular feature to an existing computer program. And the plugins that are available in WordPress to build landing pages are known as WordPress landing page plugin. You can create a gorgeous-looking landing page in WordPress with the help of these plugins in a few simple clicks. It doesn’t require you to have knowledge of coding or any other programming languages.


Here are the some best WordPress landing page plugins that you can use to increase your number of leads:

1. Thrive Architect


It is the best plugin for beginners that has more than 160 templates for creating lead generation pages and webinar signup pages. The best thing about this plugin is that it has a collection of pre-built templates that are suitable for promoting free downloads and webinars. It also has a drag and drop editor using which you can easily customize your landing page design. In addition to this, it has a lot of benefits including access to Content Builder and Thrive Lightbox, fast and responsive landing page designs, and easy integration with email marketing services.


2. OptimizePress


This plugin is ideal for beginners and advanced users both as it comes with an optimized set of templates and designs for creating lead generation pages or landing pages.

With its 100+ templates you can build membership sites, product launch funnels, and online courses for your institution. The best feature that this plugin has is a set of tools that comes with landing pages, sales pages, webinar registration pages and many more. This makes OptimizePress more suitable for professional bloggers and marketers who are not familiar with coding and all.


If you are planning to build a landing page for your website very soon, you should choose OptimizePress else you can directly get in touch with us to make a landing page that stands out. Our Los Angeles web design company has intellectually-minded designers and developers who apply their creativity to your project and create exceptionally effective websites, mobile applications, and landing pages.


3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular page builder that is most suitable for advanced users to create landing pages and WordPress websites. It has over 275,000 customers who have created their website using this plugin. The nice thing about this plugin is that it’s a one-time purchase and comes with a live front-end editor for creating the custom landing pages easily. Moreover, this plugin works on its own and doesn’t rely on WordPress themes for anything. That means you can switch between themes easily without even affecting your landing page designs.


Apart from this, you can also choose our Los Angeles web design company for creating stunning websites, landing pages, and product pages that will grow your sales and make your investment highly profitable. Our expert developers and design heads implement a strategic plan to create the best in class web design that will outperform your competitor’s site.

4. Elementor


Elementor is a free page builder that you can use to design landing pages. But before that, you need to spend some time learning to use this plugin and then creating something outstanding. It is mostly suitable for advanced users as it features a set of pre-built templates that you can customize to create beautiful landing pages. It’s quite easy to use this plugin for users as it has a live front-end editor and you will need to install third-party plugins if you want to integrate your email marketing service with it. The main and most important benefit of using Elementor is that it has a beginner-friendly user interface.


You can take this plugin in use if you have to create visually appealing pages and generate sales leads through it. But if you want your landing page to be completely different, not ordinary you should work with our Los Angeles web design company.

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5. LeadPages


LeadPages is one of the fastest landing page builders that has over 160 templates and more than 43,000 customers. It is designed for beginners and advanced users both allowing them to use a set of lead generation tools for turning their website into a lead generating machine. It also features an easy to use front-end editor that will help you in designing your landing page in just a few clicks. Some additional benefits of using LeadPages are beginner-friendly user interface, A/B split testing feature, easy integration with email marketing service, and double opt-in support.

Now when you have enough knowledge about these WordPress landing page plugins, you might be thinking which one is best for you. Well, I think you should choose either Thrive Architect or Elementor as both have tons of features that would help you in designing your landing page. Besides this, you can also connect with SFWPExperts -Wordpress website design company through call or email if you want to create landing pages that have a personalized look and effective CTA button. It is one of the best-performing companies in the US that helps businesses to reach out to a global audience and get their business by implementing SEO and marketing strategies.


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